Saxhorn Band

Alan Fernie - Musical Director


Alan Fernie was born in the Scottish mining village of Newtongrange. At the age of 13, he learned to play trombone, both at school and with his local brass band.

After studying music in Glasgow and London, Alan spent a short period as an orchestral musician before transferring instrumental education. He taught in schools all over the East of Scotland for 20 years, during which time he has also conducted bands at all levels, winning many awards.

Alan started writing for brass whilst still a student, and his music is now published, performed and recorded throughout the world.

Currently living in the Scottish Borders, he is principally a composer but also finds time to conduct, teach, perform, adjudicate, lecture and compere, throughout the UK and beyond.


Musical Director - Mr Alan Fernie


Bandmaster - Mr Greig Murray


Prinicpal Cornet - Nathan Murray

Solo Cornet - Stephen Hewson, Kenny Douglas, Charlie Marshall

Soparano Cornet - Stuart Hogg

Repiano - Pat Caswell

2nd Cornet - Catherine Wood, Natasha Vanozzi, Alex Jones

3rd Cornet - Hannah Greig, Max Thomas, Brian

Flugel Horn - Emma Douglas



Solo Horn - Angela Blake 

1st Horn - Isobel Emmerson 

2nd Horn - Jill French, Daniel Irvine 

1st Baritone - Lindsey Renwick

Principal Euphonium - Greig Murray

1st Trombone - Angela Douglas 

2nd Trombone - Katherine Scouler

Bass Trombone - Jim Shanks

Eeb Bass - Jim Terras, Molly Marshall

Bbb Bass - Brian Emmerson

Drums - Declan Skeffington